Our People, Wealth Management Group, Inverness, Downers Grove, Illinois
Since 2003, we have been helping our clients work toward financial security with our personalized approach to wealth planning, accumulation and preservation. Our mission is to guide you towards making the right decisions for your financial future. You will enjoy and appreciate the numerous benefits of being part of the Wealth Management Group family. This alliance entitles you access to industry professionals, educational workshops, and a variety of social events.

Craig Bolanos, Jr., CMFC, AIF, Wealth Management Group, Inverness, Downers Grove, Illinois
Craig G. Bolanos, Jr., CMFC®, AIF®
Founding Partner
Chief Executive Officer
Wealth Advisor

Craig is Founder and CEO of Wealth Management Group LLC. His mission remains simple: to restore confidence with investors who have lost faith in the traditional model of financial advice. Craig has orchestrated a diverse group of team members at Wealth Management Group that collectively deliver on the promise of: "A Four Season's Experience delivered with Fed-Ex efficiency." Craig and the team at Wealth Management Group have won numerous industry awards born out of hard work and a passion for putting people first.